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DIY Paver Patio Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

DIY Paver Patio Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

It’s no secret that a paver patio enhances the look of your outdoor space. However, your walkaway can lose it’s shine over time due to cracking, sinking, weeds creeping up, harsh weather, and everyday wear-and-tear. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the only way to keep a patio looking it’s best. Routine paver patio maintenance will also help you avoid the long term costs of replacing pavers down the road.

If you’re searching for actionable tips that can help you maintain and even restore your patio to its original state, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we highlight some cleaning and maintenance tips to preserve and enhance the appearance of your patio pavers for a long time to come.

DIY Paver Patio Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Regular Paver Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your stone pavers is highly recommended. You can always use a wet mop with lukewarm water for effective stain removal. Remove tough stains with soap and water and scrubbing thoroughly using a brush. The best possible solution for heavy stains is a power washer. Adjust the power washer head to match your paver type. However, after a thorough cleaning it’s essential that you replace any displaced sand to avoid movement or sinking of the pavers. This will also help you avoid seeing an increase in weeds between the pavers.

Removing Weeds from Growing Between Pavers

Over time, weeds will typically find a way to grow through most patios, specifically along the seams of the pavers. As a result, the weeds can not only damage your walkways but also dull the overall appearance of your pavers. Weeds are a definite threat to the durability of your pavers if left unchecked.

Manually pulling the weeds isn’t always a long term solution. While using locking sand is one long term option to keep the majority of weeds from being able to grow in the seams. The best way to get rid of weeds is typically to buy an herbicide from your garden store and sprinkle or spray between the seams. Larger weeds will still need to be removed manually, as you continue spraying across all the seams of your paver patio.

Ultimately, following the DIY paver patio maintenance tips mentioned above can preserve your walkaway for a long time. Failure to take care of your paver patio means that you’ll likely have to fork out more cash for a new installation much sooner than necessary. Regular cleaning and maintenance can save you a lot of money over time.

Have paver patio maintenance questions? Ask us in the comments below!