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7 DIY Home Improvement Tips, Tricks and Hacks

7 DIY Home Improvement Tips, Tricks and Hacks

7 DIY Home Improvement Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Do you want to spice up your home but don’t have the money in the bank to pay for it? Not all Home improvement jobs need to break the bank to get them done. In this article we are going to show you 7 DIY Home Improvement Tips, Tricks and Hacks to bring some life to your house without emptying your wallet.

1. Remove Water Stains from Wood Surfaces

Do you have unsightly water marks or rings from your glasses on your hardwood floors or tables? Here is an easy way to remove those pesky marks. First you’re going to want to get a paper towel or rag. Next, take get some Real mayonnaise and rub it onto the wood surface at the stains. After rubbing it in for a while you can see the watermark will disappear. Then simply wipe away the excess mayonnaise.

2. How to Remove Gum from your Carpet

Accidents happen, and when they do it is best to have a solution to the problem. Gum is very difficult to remove from your carpet and many people get frustrated and give up. Well we have two methods that will get that gum out of your carpet that are easy for you. First, using a zip lock bag full of ice, place it on top of the gum and let it freeze. Once the gum is hard and frozen, use a butter knife or something dull the scrape away the gum. Then clean the carpet surrounding when the gum is completely removed.

The second way that you could remove gum from your carpet is peanut butter. Simply put some peanut butter on a rag or paper towel and dab and rub the affected area and repeat until it is out all the way. Then clean off excess peanut butter.

3. Make your Deck look Brand New for Cheap

An easy way to revive your old looking deck without completely replacing it and spending the money, would be to give it a quick power wash. If you don’t have a power washer there are many retailers where you can rent one or have a business do it themselves. It is a relatively cheap option and will make your deck look amazing.

4. Fix Unsightly Scratches on Wood Furniture

Scratches in your wood furniture or floors can be ugly and there’s not much you can do. But here is one tip to help you make those scratches go away! If you take a walnut shell and rub it on the scratches, you will see it slowly fill in the scratch with it color. Thus, hiding the scratch. This can be done with other shells as well based on color. One of the easiest DIY Home Improvement Tips we can give!!

5. No Draft Under Your Doors

Do you have a cold and chilly draft coming from under one of your doors because it sits high off the ground? And don’t want to spend the money on those expensive foam ones at the Store? A pool noodle does the same job, and they’re pretty cheap. You can get them almost anywhere. Just cut them in half and tap, set, or glue them under the door. And there you go, no more draft!

6. Update your Kitchen for a Fraction of the Cost

Do you want to update your kitchen a little bit, but a whole makeover isn’t in the budget right now? Well this tip will make your Kitchen look totally new and stylish. You can buy small to large tiles with an adhesive back, and can stick them anywhere. These could be used typically for a backsplash to brighten up your sink or behind the oven. To be honest you can put them wherever you think the best. You don’t need to hire someone to do it and it is relatively cheap considering the alternative. Just peel off the back and stick it to your wall. That easy!

7. Make Your Clear Bathroom Faucet Handles Shine

If you have those clear, crystal looking faucet handles in your bathroom, there is a quick and easy way to make them shine like they are brand new again. With a small flat head screwdriver, remove the cap in the center, revealing a Philips head screw. Then with a Philips screwdriver, remove the screen and the handle. Place them in a bowl of vinegar for an hour or two, and then scrub them down with an old toothbrush. They will shine before your very eyes. Then simply replace it with the screw, and the cap.

Hopefully these DIY Home Improvement Tips helped you out around your house and didn’t take too long or have you spending too much money. Now you can have your friends over and show off all the nifty new ideas you learned to spice up your Home!